It's time to change your life.


Awaken the Woman Within

For the woman who is ready to live a life that is fully awake and full of joy, love and content.

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What is there is more to life?

Because I am here to tell you, there is.

Okay my friend,



There is a reason that you found your way here.


Maybe it's because you haven't felt fully happy inside this life.


Maybe it's simply that you know, there must be more.


Maybe you desire to live a life where every single choice is yours, and the impact of those choices creates freedom.


Maybe you have watched other women expand their lives - and you want to do the same.


Perhaps it's simply a nudge, that small changes can cause massive shifts.


Whatever the reason, you are in the right place and I am so happy that you're here.


Let's do this together,


Love Lori

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This program is for the woman ...


  • Who wants to heal inner stories that are holding her back.
  • Who wants to learn to fully love herself, and the life that she is building.
  • Who wants to find more balance in her life.
  • Who wants to create self-love practises and rituals.
  • Who wants to live an intentional life.
  • Who wants to have it all.

If this sounds like you, let me introduce you to ...


Awaken the Woman Within


An 8 week, in-depth program that will lead you through a personal transformation.

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Find YOU, Leading with Love

Your joy, your worthiness, your sense of purpose ...all of it, comes from within.

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Living Life, in Balance

You are worthy of living a life that you love every second of. Where your choices are what define your day to day.

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Healing Our Inner Stories

Meet your triggers head on, and learn to both heal and release them to live a more self-fulfilling life.

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Building Energetic Boundaries

Dig into what brings your energy and what sucks your energy. It's all about what you allow into your life.

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Self Leadership & Self Trust

Trust in your inner knowing, and lean into that trust as a way to live your life and follow your desires.

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Living Life with Intention

A life where you are awake, rather than going through the motions. A life that you design.

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Self Love Practises & Rituals

Self love isn't just in the way that we feel about ourselves, it's also about the way that we treat ourselves. 

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Welcome to the first day, of the rest of your life.

You had me at HELLO.

I am ALL IN!
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I’ll going to be straight up with you.


I freaking love my life.


I truly, truly do.


But to many on the outside - it might seem busy ...or hard ...


I have three very active boys…

I had a car accident that caused brain damage…

I am building a 7-figure business… 


But you know what?


My life is built on choices.


My choices.


Some of them easy, some of them challenging - but all of them mine.


Life by design.


Are you ready to start designing your life? Really owning your choices, and loving yourself above all else?


Let's do this together.

Start building a life you are wildly in love with.



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