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When you're ready,

to have it ALL.

The Catwalk is more than just a Coaching Container.

It's more than just a group of like-minded women.

It's more than a space to grow your business.


It's a place to be inspired.

A place to inspire others.

A place to learn, to grow and to explore.

A place to push yourself, and feel supported through that push.


The Catwalk is for the woman who desires MORE.

Who is here for MORE.

And who is ready for MORE.


What's on the inside?


  • Access to my entire course library
  • Access to all of my LIVE workshops
  • Your Runway membership
  • 2-3 riffs/week on various topics
  • Monthly live-steamed 1:1 coaching
  • 2 virtual retreats per year
  • Regular behind the scenes inspo & info on how I run my business
  • Opportunities to collaborate and share inside a powerful community

When you're ready for MORE, the Catwalk has it all.

You will get access to all of my courses:


  • Awaken the Woman Within
  • Unlocking YOU | through Human Design
  • Passion to Purpose
  • The Coach (coming soon)
  • Money & Manifestation (coming soon)
  • The Runway | monthly coaching for the NWM'er & Social Seller
  • Hobby to Business
  • The Shift
  • Sparkle | Building Your Brand
  • Social Queen | Mastering Your Social Media Strategy
  • Strut | Making Selling Easy (& fun)


You will have access to all of the above, while you are inside the Catwalk.



Cancel Anytime




Massive Value

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Lori Ervin is a woman with a mission.


A mission to show women that they are worthy of everything they desire.


The life.

The business.

The relationships.

The success.


A sought after coach for women building online businesses, a powerful motivational speaker, creator of the binge-worthy Podcast - Level Up with Lori, and the type of woman who will put a fire in your soul.


Lori is here to change the world.


She will guide you to see what is inside of you, teach you to defy limits and show you what is possible.

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