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I'm here to tell you -


That you are a magnet for money, and an abundant AF life.

This course is for you if - 


You’re ready to own your money.

You’re ready to live an abundant AF life. 

You’re ready to take responsibility for your money and finances. 

You’re ready for money miracles, and so much more. 


Are you with me so far?


Or are you wondering what I had for breakfast? ;) 


Question - how did it feel when you read the word ‘money?’ 

Did it feel funky in your body? 

Did you cringe? 


If so, we have some work to do.


The truth is, we all have stories around money, but I'm here to tell you, you get to rewrite your own money story.


And we are going to do it together.



Like, today.

Let me guess, money makes you uncomfortable, there’s never enough of it, you’re scared to spend and/or save, it feels foreign to you, you rely on your partner/parents for approval on major decisions, or you completely avoid the subject. 


This all stops now. 

You take ownership of your money and money stories. 

You bring awareness to money. 

You feel confident spending in a way that aligns with you and your beliefs. 

You are assertive in the way you spend YOUR money, regardless if someone else does the finances. 


This is your new money story, and abundant birthright. 


Say it with me, ‘I love you, Money.’ Learn to understand it, love it, declare it, manifest it, create it, and call it all in for your most abundant life.   


My program, Money - Living an Abundant AF Life, will help you talk about, reprogram, affirm, and manifest the money you desire to have. 


Claim it with me, girl:

Money is my best friend. 

Money serves me. 

Money makes miracles for me. 


Still have work to do? I’ve got you. 



You in?

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Lori Ervin is a woman with a mission.


A mission to show women that they are worthy of everything they desire.


The life.

The business.

The relationships.

The success.


A sought after coach for women building online businesses, a powerful motivational speaker, creator of the binge-worthy Podcast - Level Up with Lori, and the type of woman who will put a fire in your soul.


Lori is here to change the world.


She will guide you to see what is inside of you, teach you to defy limits and show you what is possible.