$44.00 CAD or more

Content Creator

A 5 Day Workshop designed to help you map out your brand, start showing up online confidently and create content that will connect (and grow) your audience.


If you sometimes feel like you are talking to no one ...

If you aren't sure where to even start with building a personal brand ...

If you want to learn to use social media strategically for your business ...

If you want to learn how to create content daily that connects with your ideal clients and not only leads to selling products, but also leads to growing your team ...


This workshop is for you.


Here's a look:

  • The Power of Your Brand

  • The Content Inside Your Brand (+ How to Grow Your Audience)

  • Mapping Out Your Brand's Social Media Strategy

  • Building an Engaged VIP Group

  • How to Create a Content Bank


Content is the single most powerful element of growing an online business, and establishing a personal brand is what will connect your audience to you.


Let's build yours together!