$555.00 USD

*due to the nature of this offer, we have a 7 day money back window. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

The Level Up Academy

 The number one program for women building success on their terms, inside the Network Marketing industry.


Are you ready to learn how to build a 6-figure NWM’ing business without being attached to your phone 24/7?! To tap into systems that will not only make building a business easy - but fun?


Inside the Academy, you will learn how to:

  • Build systems into your business, so that you don't feel like you are working 24/7
  • Discover the strategies that will actually work for you - for both sales and growing your team
  • Attract amazing customers & teammates without sending a single spammy message
  • Start making consistent money, without sacrificing time with your family
  • Build an engaged and active social media presence that becomes a consistent stream of sales and targeted leads
  • Learn a number of different sales strategies that you can implement inside your business
  • Learn the words to say for booking parties, sharing the business, etc.


Included in your enrolment:

  • The Level Up Academy Course Content - 8 targeted courses that will walk you step by step through building your business

  • The Level Up Content Hub - content that you can plug & play inside your business (new content includes events, posts, etc. and is dropped weekly)

  • Monthly Masterclasses - each month we will dig into one pertinent topic with a deep dive training

  • Expert Guest Speakers - learn from industry experts + get access to a bank of trainings that have already been delivered

  • Signature Workshops - whenever a new workshop launches to the public, the Academy members will get an exclusive invitation and a front row seat (consider this your 'all access' plan)
  • Weekly Power Hours - hop into a Power Hour session with our Community Coaches and connect with the women inside of the Academy for accountability and motivation

  • Exclusive Community - download our app, and get access to a community at your fingertips. Weekly announcements, a place to get your questions answered, and also a place to meet other women in the industry


And did I mention that it's lifetime access to absolutely everything?!


Every future guest speaker, all of the course updates, content delivered in the Content Hub ...all of it.


Everything you need to launch, build & scale your Network Marketing business.