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It's your time.

You're ready for this.

You've likely had this dream on your heart for awhile ...


Maybe you've even taken a few steps towards it ...


You're ready for this next step, your time is now.


To build something all your own.

To take your passion and turn it into your purpose.

To bring your gifts to the world.


Together, we will bring your dream to life.

Together, we will turn your passion into a business.


Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Access to my Passion to Purpose Framework

Access to my entire Course Library


Stay 1 month, stay forever.

You decide what you need.


Are you ready to go ALL IN?


This level of mentorship is for the woman, ready to rise.

This Mastermind is for the woman who is building a business, all her own.


Whether you're starting with an idea, or you have already started to share with the world - this Mastermind will support you in your next steps.


With bi-weekly group coaching calls with other women travelling the same path as you, you will get guidance, clarity, support and inspiration - to change your life, and build this business.


From branding, to offers, to strategy, to selling - we dig into all of it.


We will truly take your ideas, and turn them into INCOME.

Are you ready?

The Mastermind Experience



  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • My Passion to Purpose Framework
  • Access to My Entire Course Library
  • Exclusive FB Group for peer to peer support
I am ready!

The Mastermind + 1:1 Support



  • 1:1 Voxer Access M-F
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • My Passion to Purpose Framework
  • Access to My Entire Course Library
All in!

The world is ready for you.

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Lori Ervin is a woman with a mission.


A mission to show women that they are worthy of everything they desire.


The life.

The business.

The relationships.

The success.


A sought after coach for women building online businesses, a powerful motivational speaker, creator of the binge-worthy Podcast - Level Up with Lori, and the type of woman who will put a fire in your soul.


Lori is here to change the world.


She will guide you to see what is inside of you, teach you to defy limits and show you what is possible.

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