124. The Most Powerful Incentive I DIDN'T Go For

Season #4

In this episode I am actually talking about the very first incentive (in this case, a company trip) that I didn't go for.


Why I made the decision, how it felt and the ultimate purpose behind the choice.


Always remember that your business is a choice.

You get to choose how you build, where you build - all. the. things.


I think sometimes we lose sight of this, as we charge towards every single carrot that is dangled. At least I know I did.

And for me it led to burnout.


What I teach women to do is build in a way that is sustainable around the life that they desire to lead. This is less about chasing every single thing that comes your way, and more about playing the long game - and building a business that you'll have for life.


Tune in and then let me know your thoughts!

I can't wait to hear what you take away from this one. xo