126. Reasons Your FB VIP Group May Feel Dead ☠️ ☠️ ☠️

Season #4

This is a hot topic in my world these days, so let's break it down:


Here are 3 reasons that your FB VIP Group, may be dead.


You aren’t being consistent.

You want to be posting 4-5 times, throughout the day …5 days/week. And yes, I can hear you gasp from here. Ha. But trust me, it’s the secret sauce.


You aren’t growing your group.

You want to be adding at least 10 new customers/clients per month, that are inside your target market. Growth is key, because it brings in new energy.


Your content is either too salesy, or not salesy enough.

I know this sounds a bit cryptic - but many times people live inside the engaging content (Netflix recommendations, coffee chats, etc) and forget to actively sell. Or alternatively, they lean on only product content, and don’t bring pieces of themselves in.


And those are the ONLY things that are standing between you and an incredible FB Group, full of active and engaged customers.