136. What I am taking with me from 2022

Season #4

As we close out one year, and get ready for the next - I thought it would be fun to end Season 4 (how is it even possible that there are already 4 seasons?!) of the Podcast, with what 2022 has taught me.


Here's an overview:

  1. Sometimes change can be good.
  2. Sometimes when a door slams in your face, it's only because you are supposed to look for a window.
  3. Always follow your energy.
  4. Sometimes you need to do a lot of things, so that you can decide what you truly want to do.
  5. Know your priorities, keep them at the forefront.
  6. You truly never know what is around the corner. Life can change in an instant.
  7. The people and the experiences in your life are the most important. Make sure you never lose sight of that.
  8. Content & community are the foundation of your business.
  9. It takes time to build the systems, but it is always worth it.
  10. Be intentional with who you invite into your energy/world.


I go deep on each of these inside this episode.


Cheers to an incredible year my friends, thank you so much for being in my world. xo