125. Leadership Series - Andrea Federico-Henwood

Season #4

If you have ever considered building a business all your own, on top of a full time job, on top of being a mom, on top of a NWM’ing business …and top of an already full life - you’re going to LOVE this episode.


In this episode I dive deep with Andrea Federico-Henwood all about her brand new business - Educators Finding Balance, that she just started 6 months ago.


We also talk about how she balances this dream, alongside her thriving NWM’ing business and full life.


She will give you insight into how she came up with the idea, how she takes breaks, how she prioritizes in her life - and how she would recommend getting started if you’ve ever felt like you have an idea that could be more.


I honestly loved every second of this conversation, and every minute of working with Andrea on this passion project, that I know is going to change so many lives.


If you’re in education - I would highly recommend finding her in all of the places, because she is creating an incredible business that will be a powerful resource for you.

FB: Educators Finding Balance

Instagram: @educators.finding.balance


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