129. The Top 5 Systems Every NWM’er Needs with Whitney Hoefer

Season #4

Grab your pen and and paper my friends, because this episode is going to rock your world, in the biggest and best way!


We all know how much I love systems and we chat about them a lot on this podcast - but this episode takes the cake.


In an interview with Whitney Hoefer, an Online Business Manager for Network Marketers - we learn the top 5 systems that every single NWM’er needs to have in place. 🤯🤯🤯 And before you run away because this feels super intense - Whitney breaks them down and simplifies them for us. Telling us exactly what we need, and how this will help us scale our businesses.


Also! If you love Whitney as much as I do - go give her a follow @whitney.hoefer on Instagram!


Enjoy, xo