You can be YOU in Network Marketing with Lori Ervin

You can be YOU in Network Marketing with Lori Ervin

Hosted by: Lori Ervin

It's time to step away from the cookie cutter business strategies taught inside the Network Marketing industry. And it's time to start creating a business (and a personal brand) that you're in love with. Let's do it...


Done is Better than Perfect!

Season #2 Episode #40

We all stress out about getting things absolutely right before we launch them. And sometimes, the fear of not getting it perfect on the first try will hold us back from ever getting started. I'm here to encourage you...
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Systems Will Set You Free

Season #2 Episode #39

Can you imagine what the overall impact would be, if you implemented one new habit per month for a year? I think that in network marketing there is this idea that you have to hustle, hustle, hustle until you...
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The Value of a Strong WHY with Cyndi Walter

Season #2 Episode #38

In today's episode, I sit down with Cyndi Walter, a network marketing pro who has been in the industry for over 25 years. She got started by answering an ad in a newspaper and has grown her business to become one of...
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Showing up as your Higher Level Self

Season #2 Episode #37

When we show up as our higher level self, it changes everything. The way we do business, the way we interact with others, our overall happiness day-to-day. In today's episode, I talk about ways that you can show up as...
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What are you going to do this Fall?

Season #2 Episode #36

With a new season comes a lot of change! In today's episode I talk about how to get yourself prepared for sending the kiddos back to school (or reparing for online learning) and how to get yourself into a new routine...
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Finding your Motivation with Charlene Fike

Season #2 Episode #35

In today's episode, I sit down with longtime Network Marketing superstar, Charlene Fike to talk about finding motivation outside of your company's carrot incentives, how to fully utilize your time and why you need to...
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We need to do better!

Season #2 Episode #34

Let's talk about the idea that people have in their heads about what network marketing is. People base their opinions surrounding network marketing on what their past experiences have been. So, it is up to us to...
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The Ruler of Success with Krista Demcher

Season #2 Episode #33

Today, I sit down with Stella & Dot superstar, Krista Demcher to discuss her journey through network marketing, how she tackled the original stigma that went along with owning a network marketing business and what...
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Day 1 of my new journey...who's coming with me?

Season #2 Episode #32

In today's episode, I discuss what to do if you're no longer feeling 'in love' with your business. I take you through my own journey and open up about how I am expanding my business this summer. This is a ride that I...
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Mindset, Growing a Business & Starting Something New with Julie Kraus

Season #2 Episode #31

Julie Kraus is NY based life & style blogger, Comfortably Chic CEO, Stella & Dot Executive, and mama. Over a transformative last few years, this former special education teacher has found her passion in...
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Your Business is a Choice

Season #2 Episode #30

One thing that we sometimes forget is that our business is a choice. We have to actively choose to focus our energy and see our business grow. So are you all in with your business?Join my Women Supporting Women...
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She's Got a Gift with Susan Bursic

Season #2 Episode #29

I recently had a chance to sit down with Susan for an episode of the She's Got a Gift podcast to discuss how Susan and I have found success in out network marketing business. We talk about some of the ways you can...
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