You can be YOU in Network Marketing with Lori Ervin

You can be YOU in Network Marketing with Lori Ervin

Hosted by: Lori Ervin

It's time to step away from the cookie cutter business strategies taught inside the Network Marketing industry. And it's time to start creating a business (and a personal brand) that you're in love with. Let's do it...


Do you need help setting goals for 2021?

Season #2 Episode #53

Happy New Year! This year, I want to help you take your life and business to the next level. And, I'm telling you that the best way to start 2021 off right, is by setting goals for yourself. In today's episode we talk...
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Your Word of the Year

Season #2 Episode #52

Okay, I know that I said my last episode would be the last for 2020... but I just had to share some of the exciting things that I have going on for 2021! I encourage you to join my Vision Workshop for the New Year and...
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My Best Lessons from 2020

Season #2 Episode #51

It is so easy to look back at this last year and only see the negative. But, I am making the choice to see all of the good that has come out of 2020. Tune in today to see what my own biggest lessons of 2020 have been....
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Gaining Momentum in Your Business with Caren Funnell

Season #2 Episode #50

In today's episode, I sit down with a Senior Director at Thirty-One Gifts, Caren Funnell!  Caren tells us all about her journey through Network Marketing including how she was able to get back to feeling like herself...
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How to be the very best Holiday Helper

Season #2 Episode #49

Are you all set for the holidays? In today's episode, we talk about how to adjust your business for the upcoming holiday season and how to maximize your time during the busiest season of the year. Make your customers...
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Doing the Personal Development Stuff

Season #2 Episode #48

As important as developing your business is, a key part in developing your business is working on yourself too. I know that finding the time to work on ourselves can be difficult, but it's crucial that you find some...
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Setting Healthy Boundaries for Yourself

Season #2 Episode #47

A lot of the time, when we're starting out in our business we think that hard work and burning the midnight oil is a good thing. That shows that we're committed and passionate about our business right?? WRONG. It is...
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What if you trusted that what you're doing, is enough?

Season #2 Episode #45

Okay, so we all love a good hustle right? It's SO important in our business to have that fire and that passion for what we do. But, it is also SO important to know when to take a break from that go-go-go lifestyle. At...
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Let's Chat Strategy Inside your FB VIP Group

Season #2 Episode #44

In today's episode we talk about three things to help you with your FB VIP Group: creating content, growing your group and selling inside your group. It is not enough to just create a group and hope that your...
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Why Getting to Know your Customers is the Key to Success

Season #2 Episode #43

My Facebook VIP Group is responsible for about 90% of my income. But, I'm telling you right now - it's not as simple as just creating a group and watching the money roll in. It is SO, SO important to be nurturing your...
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Ready to Start Building a Team?

Season #2 Episode #42

In today's episode we discuss the advantages to building a team. Not only can it be a great way for you to make more money, but it is also an amazing opportunity for so many women out there, and why wouldn't we want...
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Playing the Comparison game - why it's not serving you, it's stopping you

Season #2 Episode #41

It is super easy to get discouraged when you see other people hitting milestones in their business that you haven't hit yet. I'm here to tell you today, don't get discouraged...use it as inspiration! If somone else...
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