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Social Media is your stage.

You are here for massive impact.

You have something inside of you.
It's not just about the services or the products.
It's about the message.
The transformation.
And ultimately, the platform that you share your magic with the world on.
Social Media.
Have you ever wondered how to piece it altogether?
How to get your message to have more impact?
To reach more people?
Friend, it's safe for you to step up onto your stage - to share your message with the world, and to build a business that connects with many - based around products or services that you love.
And you're going to do that through Social Media.
This course is your roadmap.
It is for the woman who is building an online business.
Who has the message, but wants to learn the how.
Who believes that there is more to this business than simply being an online catalogue.
Who desires to show up with a purpose.
Who wants to build in a way that feels authentic and genuine to who she is.
Who wants to learn the HOW and also the WHY.
Let's do it together.
6 modules.
Over 15 trainings.
Strategy + Mindset.
1 container to learn and grow.
A whole new way of showing up.
This course is accessed through a members site and also has a FB Community for hands on support and connection with other women going through the same journey.

Your Social Media Strategy will change your business.



Lifetime Access

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Lori Ervin is a woman with a mission.


A mission to show women that they are worthy of everything they desire.


The life.

The business.

The relationships.

The success.


A sought after coach for women building online businesses, a powerful motivational speaker, creator of the binge-worthy Podcast - Level Up with Lori, and the type of woman who will put a fire in your soul.


Lori is here to change the world.


She will guide you to see what is inside of you, teach you to defy limits and show you what is possible.