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Here's the thing ...

We need more of YOU.

What if building a brand for your business, was a way to make everything click?
A way to step into who you are truly meant to be in this world, and what you are supposed to share?
What if the difference is leading with YOU, rather than your products & services?
A way to stand out from the crowd, and magnetize your ideal customers into your world.
THIS - is the power of building a brand.
Where everything clicks, where everything makes sense. And where everything will grow.
Introducing - Sparkle.

5 modules.
Over 20 powerful trainings.
Brand mapping workbook.
Strategy + Mindset.
1 container to learn and grow.
A whole new way of showing up.
Let's do it together.
This course is accessed through a members site, and is completely self-paced. You will have lifetime access to it.

Your brand will sell more, than any strategy ever could.



Lifetime Access

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Lori Ervin is a woman with a mission.


A mission to show women that they are worthy of everything they desire.


The life.

The business.

The relationships.

The success.


A sought after coach for women building online businesses, a powerful motivational speaker, creator of the binge-worthy Podcast - Level Up with Lori, and the type of woman who will put a fire in your soul.


Lori is here to change the world.


She will guide you to see what is inside of you, teach you to defy limits and show you what is possible.