Hi friend,


Have I mentioned how happy I am that you have found your way here?!


Okay, on the off chance that we haven’t met yet, or you don’t know my entire life story …let me sum it up for you.


I started my Network Marketing journey back when I had 2 babies in diapers and 1 in my belly. I got started for the discount, and I stayed because the money changed our lives.


I remember thinking to myself “if I could just make $200 a month, everything would be different.”


And then a couple years into my journey, I was in a life changing car accident. One that made it so that I was no longer able to teach. (I was a full-time high school math and business teacher by day, jewelry pusher by night.)


And everything changed.


My business because my life raft. The thing that made it so that I could focus on my family and my healing – and I didn’t look back.


I mean – it wasn’t all unicorns and lollipops, but let’s leave it at that. I shifted what I was doing, learning to build my business online and I built it into a multi 6-figure income.


A bunch of years in, and I got the itch to challenge myself with something new.


So I started a Podcast, in the hopes of helping other women build their Network Marketing businesses.


It came from a place of knowing that I could help, and also wanting to have an outlet for all of my creative energy.


And that’s when my coaching business got started.


Since then I have built it into an incredible business that supports hundreds of women (maybe thousands now?) on their Network Marketing journeys. From launching, to growing, to scaling.


And you’ll find my signature program – The Level Up Academy on this website, and if you’re looking to learn the ropes and level up your business – get yourself inside there. It’s essentially everything I know, put into a beautiful blueprint for you to follow and build from.


Anyways …back to my story.


When my current company changed their entire comp plan (yup, apparently you can do that) and moved away from a MLM style, meaning they completely cut leadership commissions and everyone’s paycheques – I knew that it was time for a new path.


In the beginning I thought that I might give up the hustle, and focus solely on my coaching business …but the truth is? I love, love, love this industry. And not only do I love the opportunities and the selling and the coaching? I also love the experience it gives me, so that I can coach from a truly aligned place.


So, I found myself a ground floor opportunity, with products that I freaking loved and got to work.


Growing from the ground up, with all of my years of experience has been one of the best experiences (and most challenging in a ton of different ways) of my life.


So if you’re here to start a business? And you want to do that with me? Well, I’m here for that too. And ready to link arms with you.


Again, I am so happy that you’re here. Click around the website and find what you need. Or shoot me a message and we can chat.



Let's do this. xo


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