Ep. 6 - Your Beliefs Become Your Truths

Season #6

You will never outperform your own beliefs in yourself.


Here's what I need you to know - 


You are likely the only thing standing in the way of the goals you have set for yourself.


What you believe yourself to be capable of.

What you believe you will stick to.

What you believe is possible for you.


So if you want to shift the outcome, not only do you need to adopt new habits - but you need to kick the self sabotaging behaviours and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.


Todays episode is a bit of a detour from our branding chats, but this has been coming up in my world a bunch - so I wanted to take a quick pause and have a really honest conversation.


When you're done listening to the episode - I want you to ask yourself what you're currently working on. And then layout the habits that you will need to make that goal a reality. And then start building those habits NOW. Don't wait for Monday, or the Fall, or even the next full moon ...do it now. 


You've got this, xo