Ep. 11 - Have you ever thought of doing FB Ads?

Season #6

Let's chat about how FB Ads (and IG) can build community.


Okay, I am going to be honest with you - I had never truly considered FB Ads as an option for Network Marketers ...or as a way to build community, using content you have already created. I had always thought of them as more of a way to 'sell stuff.'


So, this time with Meagan Buggey was mind blowing in so many ways for me. And I bet it will be for you too.


Here are my biggest take-aways, and then I am going to leave you to listen to the episode for yourself:

  • Use ads to push content you have already created out to a wider audience
  • A very small percentage of your audience is seeing your content, so ads can help to increase that percentage
  • Ads do not need to be expensive, you can see results for as little as $5/day


I will say - Meagan also chatted about the kind of content that makes the most sense for ads, so make sure to listen closely to that part.


More about Meagan Buggey:


Meagan is as a Meta-certified Digital Marketing Expert, and the CEO of Meagan and Company. As a busy mom and entrepreneur, she understands the struggle of juggling multiple responsibilities. Between running her business and taking care of her family, there's sometimes barely enough time to catch her breath!


This is why she has made it her purpose to help other moms and entrepreneurs just like her build their businesses with Facebook and Instagram Ads (without sacrificing precious moments with their family and friends.) 


She knows that today’s online space is competitive, which is why she creates unique and effective marketing strategies and campaigns for businesses to show up effortlessly and attract an abundance of perfect clients. Her strategies not only cut through the noise but also elevate businesses above their competitors, enabling them to stand out.


With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she has a proven track record of success helping many businesses increase brand awareness, reach a larger audience and generate more leads with Facebook and Instagram Ads. 


Places you can find Meagan:

FREEBIE/BOOK A CALL:  youradbestie.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/meaganandcompany

Website: www.meaganandcompany.com