Ep. 12 - How to Be Your Authentic Self with Lauren Gilhula

Season #6

What if being YOU was the secret sauce? But also the hardest part of all?


Here's the thing - 


I think we all struggle with authenticity. 


In a world where we have so many outside influences, where our companies train us to fit inside a box, where we learn strategies on how to be successful and where we are constantly inundated with what success looks like from an outside perspective - it can be a hell of a challenge, to just 'be ourselves.'


In this episode of the Podcast, I sat down with my good friend Lauren Gilhula and chatted about how to do this. And also how to know if you are currently operating outside of this. And exactly why, this will actually make your business easier to show up inside ...and actually make it fun.


I think you're going to love it!


And after you listen to it, I want you to give yourself permission to release the shit that is holding you back. The worries or fears around judgement, all of the 'shoulds' that exist in the back of your brain ...and just ask yourself - "if there were no rules, how would I build my business? How would I show up? What would I share?"


And then find a way to go out and do that!


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