3 Reasons Your VIP Group is Dead

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Okay, so! Your FB Group should likely be one of your favourite places to hang out online! It's where you build a community, where you find your loyal customers, where you show up consistently - and likely one of the places inside your business that drives consistent sales.


If it isn't all that and a bag of chips - there might be some reasons for that! So, let's break it down and get your group to a place where it's producing for your business.



If you are being honest with yourself - how consistent are you in there?!


And if your answer is - "Well, I post most days." My guess is that, this could be why your group isn't where you want it to be.


It's simply not enough to drop a post in there every few days. In fact, it isn't even enough to drop a post in there once a day, 7 days a week. 


This isn't going to build community, it isn't going to produce sales and it isn't going to grow naturally for you either.


The quick version of the strategy (because let's be honest - I teach entire workshops on this) is that you need to be posting in there every day, 3-5 times/day.



Next question for you! How many new members join your group each month?


If the answer is less than 10, this could be your red flag.


Consistent growth is absolutely pivotal to the success to your group. We cannot sell to the same group of humans until the end of time ...especially if that group consists of only friends & family. We need to get outside that bubble and consistently grow our group with ideal consumers - every single month.


If this is an area that you struggle with, this could be why you aren't pulling sales or you're hearing crickets from your group.



I won't lie - this is a tough one to find the perfect balance for.


Too salesy - every single post is about your business and your products. You aren't sharing pieces of yourself, you aren't talking about anything else.


Not salesy enough - all you do is chat about what you are watching on Netflix. Kidding ...it might not be about your Neflix loves and hates, but if you aren't talking about your products, this is why you aren't selling. You're not actually showing people anything to buy.


So, what's the perfect recipe for a group?


I teach the 70/30 rule.


Where 70% of your content is personal.

30% of your content is sales related.


If you need more info or you want to dive deeper on this topic - I teach this on a number of different episodes on the podcast and I even have a mini course that you can find in my course section of the website.


At the end of the day - I want you to think about your VIP Group as the heart and the soul of your business. It's where you bring your A game is one of the biggest sources of growth - both in sales, but also in referrals, in Hostesses and in new team mates. You're going to show up elsewhere (Instagram, TikTok, etc.) but all roads will lead to your group.


Sound good?

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