Building an Online Community (VIP Group) for your Network Marketing Business

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Building an Online Community for your Network Marketing Business

It took me almost 2 years to start a VIP Community on Facebook for my Network Marketing business. But, I am oh so happy that I did! It gives me a place to house all of my customers, build relationships with them, entertain them and ultimately a place to build sales and recruit. When I first started out in the business, I immediately created a FB Business Page, but I soon began to feel like all of my posts were being lost into the oblivion. It's not even something that I really use inside my business social media strategy anymore.


For me - it's been all about the VIP Group.


This is where I feel most myself. I let my customers get to know me, and this goes a long way towards building relationships. I have fun in there, and I love the women that are a part of it! When you have your own small business, your brand becomes a part of you and this will shine through in your VIP Community.


Tips to Building your own VIP Community:

  • Funnel, funnel, funnel. All roads should lead to your VIP Community if this is where you will do the bulk of your business building. Ie. rather than directing people to your sales link, send them to your VIP Community where you will provide service, rather than sales. This is a much more effective way of selling.
  • I do a lot of Online Parties in order to build my online community. I even have a pull (special promotion) at the end of each party to get people to check out my group.
  • Engage in other groups online and start building relationships there. Once you have established a base with the members, look for opportunities to invite them into your group. It should always be their choice to join, as this will lead to a more engaged community.
  • When you are following up on sales, invite your past customers to check out your VIP group. Personal invitations will always be the best received, do not simply add them.


Ideas on what to post in your VIP Community:

You want to follow the 70/30 Rule. 70% of your posts should be engaging, and 30% should be focused directly on sales and recruiting.

  • I highly recommend going ‘LIVE.’ FB is very favourable towards live video, and it is an amazing way to connect with the members of your group.
  • Think about the theme of your group, and what your audience will engage with. For me, I am focused on everyday fashion. So my posts will be about styling, and then other complimentary topics that my demographic is interested in. Always have a clear view of your target audience, so that you can serve them.
  • Be yourself! Part of the point of a VIP Community is to let people get to know you, so let them into your life and your world. If you are nerdy, show this side. If you are super stylish, share some tips. If you love to cook, give tutorials. The more you can open up and be yourself, the deeper the relationships you are going to form.
  • Give added value to your customers through this group, so that they want to stay and so that new people want to check it out. You can do this by doing Stock Sales inside the group, offering special promotions, sneak peeks at new launches, etc. Ultimately they are there because they love your product, so they are going to be thrilled at the opportunity to scoop specials from you.
  • Images are King. Whatever the product you are selling, images are going to be what grabs people’s attention when they are scrolling through their feed.


The Truth about your VIP Community:

  • In the beginning you are going to feel like no one is watching and listening, that’s okay, it will happen in time! The key is to continue to be consistent and find your voice and ways to be engaging.
  • Do not make the group all about discounts/promotions. You do not want to condition your customers to only shop your product when it is on sale. You want the sales to be something they jump at, rather than expect.
  • If you are not posting consistently, your group will get lost. You want to aim to post anywhere from 4-5 posts/day, using the 70/30 rule.
  • I swear by using the FB Scheduler. It is such a good way to make sure you have consistent content, and to space out your posts and make sure you are posting when your target audience is online. The more you can preschedule, the easier your life is going to be.
  • While this is a great way to build a customer base, it will not have immediate pay-off. It may take longer to see returns on your time investment, but if done properly, it is an incredible way to create passive income.
  • Your VIP Community will actually be the channel that brings together all of your other social networks. Whatever else you use, should funnel into this group.
  • Brand yourself, and carry this branding through your group.


And honestly? Just have fun with it and your community will have fun too!



ps. since writing this blog post - this has become one of the pillars in which I coach my clients on! I have grown the content in this area so much over the last few years! Join us inside the Level Up Academy and grow an incredible VIP Group that can produce thousands of dollars in sales, every single month.

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