How to Get Outside Your Warm Market for Your Network Marketing Business

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How to Get Outside Your Warm Market

Getting outside your friends & family zone is one of the most difficult things to overcome for many women in Network Marketing . We all start off by launching our business inside our warm market – where the people are comfortable and friendly, and they love supporting us. But, this is not where a business is built.


A business is built outside this zone, where you will meet people who will support you because they actually love the product that you sell and you as a Consultant. But getting outside this zone, while necessary, is often where many people in this industry give up. Right before things get good.


I say, ‘right before it gets good,’ because there is truly nothing better than finding genuine customers. I love my mom more than anyone, but let’s be honest – she HAS to support me. The same can be said for my best friend, my aunt and my grandmother …perhaps even my next door neighbour. A real customer is someone that you meet, that falls in love with your business. And your business is a mixture of the product/service that you sell and YOU. You are your business. But that is for another post.


For now, let’s focus in on how we can make the leap from servicing friends & family to finding a customer base that will help us grow our businesses.


Here are some tips:

  • Use your friends & family to help propel you outside of this zone – I typically recommend doing this with the Power of 4. This is 4 different Pop-Up Events, hosted by friends & family that will help you to meet their friends & family. New people. Ie. people that will in turn host for you, refer you, become lifelong customers and help you build your business. Your goal with each party, will be to book 1-2 more, exposing you to even more people. You will be amazed at how quickly this formula will translate into you being outside of your friends and family zone.

  • Networking – this is the best tip that I will ever give you. Networking is one of the best things you can ever do for your business. Not only will you be meeting new people, but they will be like-minded individuals who understand and want to support you. Some of my best connections have come from networking.

  • Vendor Events – Get out into your community and sign up to show off your products at local events. This is such an amazing way to meet new people, and other business owners in your area. 

  • Pop-Up Shops – Setting up your display in public places (a salon, a local store, anywhere your target market hangs out) is a great way to meet people who may be interested in becoming customers, or even Consultants.

  • Get a hobby – Explore meeting new people through activities that you are interested in, or doing already. For instance – if you are a dance mom, or a hockey mom, this could be a huge market for you. If you like to read, join a Book Club. If you are a member of the gym, see if you can pop-up there. You are doing these things already, you may as well make them a part of your business.


One last tip – once you meet all of these new people, you need somewhere to house all of them. A Facebook VIP Group, a monthly newsletter, and an active Instagram account are amazing places to start. Being able to continue to connect with people on an ongoing basis, will get you that much closer to selling to them, booking with them and maybe even exposing them to the value of starting their own business alongside you. 


Above all else, it is about continually meeting new people and introducing those new people to your business. Your business will become such a part of your life, that the second part of that equation will become easier and easier. And trust me, the quicker you can get yourself out of your warm market, the sooner you will have a sustainable business. Your friends & family can absolutely still continue to support your business, but they will no longer feel any pressure to do so. Because you will be successful on your own.



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