Smart Sampling Tips for Network Marketers

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Smart Sampling Tips for Network Marketers

When I am talking about sampling in Network Marketing, I mean purchasing samples when new lines/pieces launch with your company. My advice around sampling is going to be different based on the level at which you are working your business.


For instance - a hobbyist doesn't need to have all of the products on hand. They should focus on what they love, and the best sellers.


If you are building a business - you will also want to consider the customer, what will they want to see? On top of what you're loving and what the best sellers are. Because a business owner likely does more sales, they also have more turnover and can afford to have more samples on hand.


Here are some questions to ask:

  • Is the piece seasonal or will it stick around? Knowing how long a piece (or a product) is going to last in your line, is key to knowing whether or not you should sample it. If it has longevity, your company is most likely predicting that it will be a popular piece, and that it will last. In this case, it is a great investment for sampling.

  • Are you paying out of pocket for it, or do you have credits or a discount to use? Most Direct Sales companies will give you ways to earn your samples for free or at a discount. Knowing that you will be able to sell off your samples once you are done with them, makes them a risk free investment. However, if you are paying full retail price, or a price higher than resell value, you will need to weigh how important this sample is to you.

  • Do you have a lot of opportunities to share your samples? Ie. Do you have parties booked? Knowing that you have 4-5 parties lined up in the next couple of months, means that you will have ample opportunity to show off your amazing new samples, which in turn, makes them an incredible investment. People will want to see the newest line. However, if you do more of an online business, you will want to be strategic with your sampling and purchase more of what you will use personally.

  • Do you love it? This is one of the most important questions when it comes to sampling that you can ask. If you love it, sometimes it is a no brainer, you should have it. After all, that is one of the reasons that many people get into Network Marketing. However, if you are simply purchasing it to have as part of your display, refer to the points above.


Remember, your samples are a business expense, and therefore a tax write-off at the end of the year. However, you need to gage what your level of business is, and what makes sense for you. Sampling in all Network Marketing companies is slightly different, but typically comes down to sales. Will you sell more, if you have it on hand? Do you love it enough to want it for yourself? We work hard in these businesses, so we should always treat ourselves and indulge our Collection when it makes sense. Have fun with sampling, it is probably one of the reasons that you got started with your business in the first place! To own all of the pieces/products you loved, for free!



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