Tips to Maximizing a Flash Sale in Your Network Marketing Business

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Every once and awhile your company likely has flash sales. These can be phenomenal for business, and a great way to bring in some extra sales. I have found through personal experience, that there are many ways to maximize these sales, so I thought I would share my tips!


Flash Sale Tips:

  • First and foremost – remember that you want to provide value and service to your customers. Never just throw up a link for them to shop on their own. Make sure to personalize your message and even if you give them a link to shop, find ways to add value to the transaction. People are more apt to order if we make it easy for them.
  • Utilize Social Media effectively. I like to start by posting that there is a sale and providing a link. But then throughout the day(s) I will show off images of the pieces being worn, along with price points and fun words. Rarely do I ever sell anything when I provide links, but what I sell, is what I show. 
  • Reach out to people personally. Send out images of pieces that you think people will like. This is a great way to let them know about the sale, but also provides the personalized service that your customers will appreciate.
  • Make sure to connect with any Hostesses that have open parties. Past, present or future will work. They can help you spread the word!
  • If you sell a product that can be worn, make sure to leave the house wearing it that day. Anybody who comments on it, you can let them know about the sale. This is also a good opportunity to take selfies and use those on Social Media.


Fun Ideas:

  • Why not create an Event around the Sale? You can either round-up some new Hostesses, or play Hostess yourself!
  • Do a live video and show off the pieces that you have that are part of the sale. Your customers will love the opportunity to see things ‘in person.’
  • Create a Sale Section at your parties that happen during the Sale, or make up a brochure with the sales pieces.


*You can substitute the word 'pieces' for 'product' anywhere in this post, depending on what you sell.


Overall, you want to make it simple and fun for your customers to enjoy this sale. Great images, personal reach outs and live videos will do just this!



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