Funnel Strategy for Social Media Growth in Network Marketing

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Funnel Strategy for Direct Sales

When you start to enter the world of social media with Network Marketing, it is easy to become overwhelmed and to feel like you are fighting the current on so many different levels. Here are a couple quick pieces of advice, to simply things and get you started.


Tip #1: Start with ONE Platform

The first thing you want to do with social media is work on mastering one platform before you move onto the next. Do this platform, until it feels super duper easy - and then consider layering on another for growth. There is often a lot of content that you can repurpose between the different platforms as well - so it might at some point make logical sense to start sharing on multiple without a ton of extra effort.


For me this is my VIP Customer Group because it is where I form relationships with my customers, and engage on a daily basis. For tips on how to build an online community - I will connect another blog post HERE.


This is an area that I run workshops on, and dive deep into inside my Level Up Academy - where I teach women the ins and outs of building a Network Marketing business. But since writing this post, I have broken into the wild wild world of Instagram and now love growing on that platform as well.


Tip #2: Use the Funnel Strategy to Concentrate Your Efforts

What is the funnel strategy you ask? Well, it is easier than you are probably anticipating!


It literally means that all roads lead to one place.


The best way to start is by deciding where you want to funnel people to, and then create a diagram of all of the communication outlets you have for your business. Once you can visualize it, you can work through how you would funnel people from each platform into your ‘holding place’. Your holding place should be where you will form relationships, and where you will be able to actually sell to your customer base. It could be an Email List, or a Facebook Group or even Instagram.


Wherever you LOVE showing up the most, is likely your best bet.


Note - you're also going to want to give people a reason to want to join you where you are funnelling them to. What value is inside? What can they expect? Why should they be excited?


Tip #3: Be Consistent

Consistency is always one of the number one elements in this business. You want to funnel people into a spot where you are active and engaged every single day. This will help you to build connections and the 'know-like-trust' with your customer base.


Tip #4: Build a Brand

You want to ensure that your branding is consistent across all of your platforms. If a customer is getting to know you on one medium, you want the message to be similar when they find you on another. Building your brand is something that we dive deep into in my world.


Tip #5: Be YOU (be human)

Remember that while you are building a business with a company, the reason people are going to buy from you is because they like you. So let them get to know you.


Back to that funnel strategy ...

At the end of the day, using this funnel strategy should actually make your life simpler. Start with the platform that you are most comfortable on, and where you find that your customers are hanging out. Once you have mastered it, you can start to branch out, but just make sure that all roads and points of contact, direct back to that original platform that you have built up and continue to engage with daily.


  • Your emails should have your group or profile linked
  • Your Instagram live link could be your VIP Group
  • Every event that you do, you focus on directing people to stay connected to you in one place
  • Etc.


You’ve got this!


Want to learn more about funnelling and other social media growth strategies? Join us inside the Level Up Academy where we do all things Network Marketing.

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